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Oct 2023

The November 2022 OW 100 club draw

The 100 Club draw for November was carried out on Tuesday 22nd November 2022 at The Queen of Iceni in Norwich city centre. This month’s winners were: –

Chris & Mel Read – residents of South Norfolk [these are Steve Read’s children who were both Wycol educated!] and

Mervyn Taylor – resident of Leamington Spa [former pupil & teacher!]

Both winning £55

This was the traditional pre-Xmas lunchtime gathering of the “60’s bunch”.

Attendees this year were:-

Colin Farrington

Philip Wade

Alan Bridges

Heather Gill [Stark]

Joanna Voelker [Bassingthwaighte]

Jane Bassingthwaighte

Louise James [Hambelton]

Sandra Howard

Alan Corrigan

Adrian Marfleet

Anne Wright

Sandra Hornigold [Leeks]

Suzanne Barrett

Marion Reed [Rix]

Eileen Wyatt [Pearson]

Ian Ray

Steve Read

Phil Robinson

The draw was kindly carried out by Alan Corrigan

It was another opportunity to mix with fellow Wycol Alumni in a very social atmosphere and realise the different “connections” that, being a former Wycol pupil, can throw up! Being a Wetherspoons establishment, the fact that the offer of lunch & a pint was £8.40 [Steak & kidney pudding + a pint of G-K Abbott] was a bonus!

December 100 Club draw

The December OW 100 club STAR draw was carried out on Wednesday 14th December 2022 at The Buck in Honingham.

This month’s winners were:-

Adrian & Anne Hoare – £ 500 – residents of Wymondham [& former members of staff]

William Trevethick – £200 – resident of Shipston-on-Stou

Geoffrey Hardaker – £ 75 –  resident of Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich

Attendees were Phil Robinson, Steve Read, David Howard & Geraldine, Chris Parnham, John Mewse & Anne who kindly carried out the draw.

Old Wymondhamians 100 Club Appeal – updated December 2022
We know that some of you are already members but it would be good make the wider Wycol Alumni aware of what the Old Wymondhamians 100 club is all about.
Since the inception of the Old Wymondhamians 100 club in October 2003, in excess of £107,000 has been raised, of which over £43,000 has been paid out as winnings to our members. Thus over £64,000 is the cumulative amount that has been retained for distribution to deserving Wymondham College related causes. This is a remarkable amount considering we currently have only 115 members!!
The general principle regarding the distribution of OW funds is that that we are approached by various departments of the college to assist in funding specific projects where the traditional source of funding has been exhausted. The Committee then discusses the merits of such applications and decides whether to support the specific appeal.
Below is a resume of where the monies have been distributed to over the past few years.

Part sponsorship of the College hymn books – £1,500 – 2008

  • Part sponsorship of the Heritage Trail signboards – £3,000 – 2010
  • Contribution to the 1st XV rugby tour of South Africa – specifically to support pupils who might not have been able to partake due to financial hardship – £500 – 2012
  • 1st XI cricket kit – £700 – 2016
  • Buttle Charity [bursary funding] – £1,000 – 2016
  • Cricket pitch improvements – £2,000 – 2016
  • Part sponsorship of the all weather tennis/netball court refurbishment – £1,000 – 2017
  • 1st XV rugby shirts – £870 – 2017
  • Heritage Trail signboard refurbishment £1,651 – 2020
  • Major contribution to the Chapel Heritage Centre project – £20,000 – 2022
  • This is in addition to the £750 annual Travel Award, a Bursary awarded to a current Year 13 student, that has been distributed since 2012.
There have also been miscellaneous donations to various charities in the memory of former pupils & staff members.
One additional way of providing further funding is to commence Heritage Tours around the college targeted at specific groups detailing the history of the college. A sub-committee has been established to coordinate tour details & to approach various groups who might be interested. This project is in it’s infancy but we are all excited about showing others who might not be aware of the college history what it was, & still is, all about.
Steve Read [the OW Treasurer] and Phil Robinson meet on a monthly basis at hostelries within Norfolk to sup some of the excellent real ales on offer and hold the 100 Club draw. Many of you have joined us over the years and there is statistical evidence that attendance at the draw leads to a win shortly afterwards!
If you have a local that you would like us to visit, please let us know. If you wish to be kept advised of the monthly meetings and who has won, please contact me so that I can add you to the list.
Subscription is still only £5.00 per month and there are two monthly prizes of £55. There is also the possibility of winning one of the three STAR prizes of £500; £200 & £75 (in June and December).
For those of you who may wish to join, the monthly payment can be made by Standing Order by setting it up online or sending the Bank Mandate back for us to forward to your bank. We are, however, happy to accept yearly payments of £60.00 from anyone who would prefer to subscribe in that way.
If you feel that you can support us in this scheme, please complete our bank mandate form which you can find on the 100 Club page on this website.

100 Club Draw

The January OW 100 club draw was carried out on Wednesday 25th January 2023 at The Crown in Mundford.

This month’s winners were: –

Mike Herring – resident of Kings Cliffe near Peterborough


Henry Andrews – resident of Pakenham near Bury St. Edmunds

We have recently had a slight increase in OW 100 club membership and have therefore been able to increase the monthly prizes from £55 to £60.

Our current membership stands at 123, of which 13 have a second number –  thereby increasing their chances of winning.

If you would like to join [or take out a second number], please use the ‘Contact us’ page.

Steve & I were joined David Howard & Geraldine, Chris Parnham, Simon Turtle, Beverly Sennett [Millard] & Richard, Steven Bishop & Louise James [Hambelton].

 The draw was kindly carried out by David.


College Chapel Project

100 Club Draw

The February OW 100 club draw was carried out on Wednesday 22nd February 2023 at The Oak Tree in Norwich.

This month’s winners were: –

Susan Leaford [Muir] – resident of Worcester Park, Surrey


Anne Bradley [Ashworth] – resident of Aylsham, Norfolk

Steve Read & Phil Robinson were joined David Howard & Geraldine, Louise James [Hambelton], Alan Bridges, Steve Human, Joanna Voelker [Bassingthwaighte], Jane Harvey [Bassingthwaighte], Eileen Wyatt [Pearson], Sandra Howard, Jerry Linden-Ball &, making a rare appearance, Trevor Wadlow.

The draw was kindly carried out by Trevor.

The Old Wymondhamians AGM and Ordinary Committee Meeting 

The combined AGM and Ordinary Committee Meeting will held in the Andy Boorman Room at the College on Saturday 4th March starting at 11:00am. Attendance via Zoom will also be available.

100 Club Draw

The March OW 100 club draw was carried out on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 at The White Hart in Ashill.

This month’s winners were: –

Bryn Turner – resident of Wychbold, Droitwich

Julie Harding [Ebbens] – resident of Great Linford, Milton Keynes

Steve Read & Phil Robinson were joined David Howard & Geraldine, Jennie Foster [Clarke], Chris Parnham, Beverly Sennett [Millard] & husband Richard. The draw was kindly carried out by Beverly.

100 Club Draw

The April OW 100 club draw was carried out on Thursday 27th April 2023 at The Red Lion in Stiffkey.

This month’s winners were: –

Marilyn Gamble [Leake] – resident of West Lynn, King’s Lynn


Steven Bishop – resident of Harleston

Steve Read & Phil Robinson were joined David Howard & wife Geraldine; Chris Parnham; Guy & Lynne Pettit [Semmens]; Simon Turtle; Kevin Emmerson; Marcus Ellis; Joanna Voelker [Bassingthwaighte] & husband Norbert; Julia Mertens [Bennett] & husband Frank & very special Canadian visitor, Moira Greenlee & husband Richard.

The draw was kindly carried out by Moira.

A lot of the attendees left Wycol 50 years ago [i.e. Summer 1973] and there was much regaling of stories of our time at the college.

Thanks go to Guy & Lynne for coordinating with The Red Lion for the pre-draw supper and use of the Chart Room solely for those attending the draw.

100 Club Draw May – Wednesday 31st May 2023 at 7.30pm at Wheel of Fortune in Alpington

OW Golf Day and Dinner 

The June OW 100 STAR club draw was carried out on Friday 30th June 2023 at the OW Golf supper at Dunston Hall, Norwich.

This month’s winners were: –

David Burdett £500 – resident of Hickling

Jenny Perryman£250 – resident of King’s Lynn


Beverly Sennett [Millard] – £100 – resident of Threxton near Watton

Around 40 Alumni & partners were in attendance with John Dyer & his wife Lori [Kentish] making their golf & supper debut.

2023 Reunion

47 Alumni attended the reunion at the College on Thursday 20th July.

A tour of the College was be conducted by John Mewse, the OW Chair,

and the College is kindly organised a barbeque with a bar ably staffed and organised by Steve Read.

100 Club Draw JULY

The July OW 100 club draw was carried out on Wednesday 19th July 2023 at The Bird in the Hand at Wreningham.

This month’s winners were: –

Richard Ross– resident of Mangreen, Norwich


Jack Smith – resident of Tunbridge Wells

Cheques in the sum of £60.00 are on their way to the winners

Prior to the draw, six OWs had a sumptuous supper at the pub 

The following day [Thurs – 20/7] 47 Alumni attended the college for a tour around the campus & a super BBQ. There was  good spread of year groups represented and everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion.

Much thanks to all involved in the organisation of this event and we look forward to doing it all again next year!!

The August draw will be held at The Locks Inn Community Pub at Gelderston [near Beccles] on Wednesday 23rd August 2023 at7.30pm.

The October OW 100 club draw was carried out on Wednesday 18th October 2023 at Darbys in Swanton Morley.

As mentioned last month, it is 20 years [22nd October 2003] since the Old Wymondhamians 100 club was established.

In that period the draws have been carried out as follows:-

Norfolk Pubs – 203 [going through the list there aren’t that many that we have visited more than once but some are, sadly, no longer in existence]

WCA/OW Committee meetings – 11

Golf Dinners & Reunions – 15

Phone [during Covid]  – 12

This month’s winners were: –

Alan Bridges – resident of Long Stratton – £60

Andrew Counsell – resident of Empingham, Rutland – £60


Hayley Strivens – resident of Morley St. Botolph – £ 30 [&, I think, our closest member to Wycol!!]

The attendees were Andrew Dickinson, Leon Andrew, Ian Ray, Michael Flatt [making his debut], Colin Leaford, Jerry Linden Ball, Anne Bradley [Ashworth] & Jennie Clarke.

Andrew kindly carried out the draw.

Interesting that six of the nine attendees were from Salisbury/Fry!

Darbys was very accommodating & some dined before & during the draw.

In chatting with Colin, the new landlord, he said that he has two grandchildren at Wymondham College!

The November OW 100 club draw will be at The Chequers at Thompson [close to Watton] on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 at 7.30pm

The annual “60’s bunch” Christmas get together is set for Tuesday 5th December 2023 at The Queen of Iceni in Norwich 

We will again be joining them to carry out the December OW STAR draw [Prizes of £500; £200; £100].

The masses usually start gathering at noon – all are welcome to join in.